Mother Earth Coco and Perlite Mix, 50L.

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Mother Earth Coco and Perlite mix is an optimal hydroponic media. This blend is an RHP Certified, (natural growth media) that is a great alternative to potting soil and other grow mediums. Coconut Coir is 100% natural, made from the fiber of the coconut shell husks and is an alternative to peat based medias. Mother Earth Coco & Perlite is a blend of 70% of the finest coco pith and fiber blend with 30% perlite for improved aeration and drainage. RHP certification is given to quality growing mediums only. There are numerous reasons to use this coco and perlite mix for hydroponics, - has good water retention & prevents leaching, reducing labor time. - is an excellent seed & cutting starter, great for micro greens. - is a pest resistant environment.
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