Sunblaster T5 Reflector, for 4Ft

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Future Harvest - SunBlaster Lighting introduces a new dynamic duo. The re-engineered T5 High Output Self Ballasted Lamp & the NanoTech T5 Reflector. The most advanced T5HO lighting system available today. The end result? You will grow even bigger, healthier plants faster. We were amazed by their performance. SunBlaster Lighting engineers incorporated the most advanced reflective surface available in the manufacturing process of this reflector. Nanotechnology, this revolutionary reflective surface has the ability to capture lost light, and simultaneously convert that light into the brightest, most brilliant light we have ever produced! The metallic crystal layer within the reflective surface helps spread the T5 light across the plant canopy diffusing it deep into the plant foliage. The NanoTech T5 reflector captures 99.9% of previously lost light while increasing lumen availability up to 300%.

Shipping Dimension- 50" x 4" x 4"